21 and not drinking

so right before my birthday i was having some really bad pains in my left bottom torso. that continued for 3 days. When i was in pain i decided that i was no longer going to drink during the week just because even though i felt that it wasn't the cause of the problem it wasn't helping and i was spending a lot of money on it so only on the weekends, and special occasions (like st. pattys day or my bday). So like I've said all along it was going to have to be me to stop me drinking not anyone telling me to stop.
Anyway! i went to the doctor who had no idea what was wrong with me and gave me a wide range of anti-biotics (spelling?). After i told him i drink and if that could be the cause of the pain he said deff not because nothing is there in that part of my body, but he inquired on how much i do drink so i told him and he basically told me that it shouldn't be affecting me yet but down in the line could lead to some major complications. anyway as a precaution for the pain in my side the doctor said he wanted some blood taken. So they took some. Now i was drinking 3 days right before this blood was taken and the results came back the day i was leaving for skiing in vermont. The test came back: inflammation of the liver. I told mom and pulling a 180 on me she was like yeah i had the same thing happen to me, so did my cousin jack and its because i was drinking right before the test. so she told me just retake it and it should be fine. she also pointed out that my dad was drinking harder and younger than me and hes still living so i really should be fine. But i was going to killington and my 21st birthday was within a week away so i decided to take the test after my birthday. so i lived up that week having irish coffees and drinking beer with dad. He really did assure me that it would be really weird that my liver is shot right now. so i felt ok. i went out on my 21st which was a lot of fun at the bar with lauren playing beer pong and quarters. lots of fun. so now im 21 and not drinking..probably the most ironic thing but something that totally fits me.

strangest part of it was that today was supposed to be opening day at yankee stadium and i was talking to my mom on friday about it and for the first time in 2 years i wouldn't be drinking and she was like "oh just take the damm test in may, we all know its going to be fine" but i resisted today and just had a coke out in the parking lot.

Oh just to let everyone know i haven't been Detoxing (kenny) in the sense that im not having pains or craving it or that i feel weird. i feel fine and if anything these 2 weeks are letting me know that i do have the will power to stop when i want to....which is not yet. SO PARTY a week or so.

A legend fails his saving throw

Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons has died. He was 69 years old.

What would monday nights without this man..i do not know.
for most of junior and senior year me and 5 best friends gathered in basements to travel the depths of hell. While we did not follow the rules closely we followed the spirit of the game. Our DM gave us some of the greatest gaming moments we have ever had and even as the graphics get better and better in video games nothing compares to the vivid images in my mind of Silverlight. I must have played D&D since i moved to mahopac in 4th grade all the way through senior year and i owe it to Gary Gygax and my friends.

Now that i have moved away from table top games to video games it is clear that every video game RPG goes back to the D&D rules. Silverlight was reborn last month in WoW (for free that is!) and i can only hope to have half as much fun as i did when i was back in basements slaying those orcs.

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So in a drunken moment of enlightenment i suddenly came to a great compromise. Lauren has been wanting me to sleep over her place for months now. There is no reason for me to sleep over there except that she wants me to. My place has a bigger bed, privacy, movies and overall a better place but lauren has felt that i do not compromise enough and that i should be over there at least once a week.

Now in all honesty i have no desire to sleep over there because every time my back hurts and second we get no OUR time so i think im pretty much in the right here. Now Kenny made a very good point in saying that everyone has to pay their dues and that night and the next night i slept over her place. My back hurt and I'm pretty sure Brianne was a little uncomfortable.

Now i have come up with the best solution. Lauren has also been talking to her Ex boyfriend that cheated on her since we started dating. For the most part i have not brought it up but have said that it is a bit unfair considering i don't talk to my ex girl friends anymore. Even Jenna who i still would like to have a friendship has been ruined because Jenna hasn't been friendly to Lauren so i stopped talking to Jenna.

So heres my deal: I will come over twice a week if Lauren decides not to talk to her Ex and gives me permission to look at her phone with her texts and phone calls. I told Lauren this and she told me that the two were unrelated and therefore stupid to be in a compromise. I simply told her that was my compromise and sticking with it.

I don't know but i think this was a pretty fair trade considering that i let her look at my phone all the time and yet she never lets me look at her phone or ipod touch.

As kenny says: I kept it real.


This is about Cloverfield and it includes SPOILERS

FIRST: if you were looking for a deep movie Cloverfield is not your kind of movie. If you like to watch a movie and get an experience out of it, want some suspense and some action Cloverfield is where its at.

A lot of people are telling me that they don't like Cloverfield mainly because of the camera work. I really enjoyed Cloverfield for its unique perspective of a monster movie (the people that are running around trying not to be stomped on). At the parts where it throws you into the action (like the army fighting off the monster) it was completely engrossing and you felt, as the camera man, like there was nothing you could do, except hide. I also feel like a couple of things were a far-fetched (like the building resting against the other one, and the girl that was impaled being able to walk it off like she was superwomen) but in monster movies i don't really look for realism so it was still ok with me.

i thought Cloverfield was more of an experience than a movie. When the monster is being bombed by the stealth bombers and the camera is in helicopter i was at such a high that i felt like screaming "YEAH FUCK YOU! THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR MESSING WITH NEW YORK!" and then when it hits the helicopter i was like FUCK...there goes that.

honestly the movie was a fun experience, If you didn't like it then you probably don't like monster movies in general or you just got a headache from the camera movement or your just being pretentious and not liking it because it's popular.

Assassin's Creed ending

disappointing thats what it was.
im not going into specifics but that ending was crap.
almost nothing was concluded except the only necessary parts
I am all for Assassins creed being a franchise but ending the first game of a potential franchise this way doesn't sit well with me. its very frustrating that they let so many open plot holes to be filled later on.
the story was supposed to be the strong point of this game and i was very disappointed, hell halo1 had a better story, i thought this game was going to give bioshock a run for its money for game of the year but i guess not. the story to this game ruined it for me, i liked the combat (even though its simplistic and easy after the counter kill ability is learned) i liked the assassinations (even if you dont have to go about it the assassin way) i love the climbing and exploring but to me the story is very weak, with 1 minor twist that is visible a mile away that just sets the game up for sequels

And now for a message from my girlfriend:

"Basically everyone, i really should have listened to lauren and bought GH3. Honestly, walking around in the middle of the muslim world during the crusades is pretty lame as opposed to being a rockstar and getting my toes licked by hot women. DUH."


so with all those crazy deals that went on Friday i bought some 5.1 surround sound speakers with a dvd drive receiver. it'll be at the house in mahopac by the end of the week so i might be taking a trip down there to get it...along with Laurens present.
i also got my 360 back 2 weeks ago after being broken for a month. im loving it with some late night halo3 and drinking beers
thanksgiving was good..both the new paltz one and at home. the home one was a little crazy with the amount of beer that my family drinks. over 100 beers in a night and the morning after for really only 5 or 4 people that were drinking the beer. i was also able to copy some great war movies that my uncle brought up (saving private ryan, we were soldiers and the great raid). speaking of copying dvds, i subscribed to netflix a couple of weeks ago so i should be getting a decent sized dvd library within a couple of months. i decided to get it after me and lauren went to blockbuster twice within a week and spent over $20 on just renting dvds so this should save me some money.
schools been going fine...i hit a speed bump with missing a whole section (20%) on a midterm which gave me a D+ but the teacher had sympathy and she knows i knew the material so she said when making the final grade she'll have that in mind.
the house is going well. i love having my own room and being able to do whatever i wish i within it. the full size bed was a great idea with lauren sleeping over everynight, my back is no longer killing me like it was when sleeping in those twin beds on campus.


GTA IV is being pushed back till Q2 2008!!!
damm them to hell....the only thing postive about this car crash is that im going to save (or at least hold on to for a little longer) 60 bucks so i have more money to spend on lauren come christmas

on other news im moving a bed up on saturday along with a bunch of other crap...just not my glorious tv and beloved computer...just lots of clothes and random crap

moving up day is 11/12 prob that sunday because friday night is carly/kates new years and saturday i guess ill be spending time with my family

busy weekend

spent most of the weekend traveling with lauren...
went from home, to city, to poughkeepsie, new paltz, woodstock, new paltz, rockland county, new paltz, woodstock, Phonica, woodstock, new paltz, home! UGH!
anyway it was a lot of fun which i drove somewhat (yes im actually going for my license soon....maybe ;)
uhm got the paint for my room at the Union Picnic (you know the Union which im not really part of but get paid a union mans salary) from a guy that does business with my dad...he hooked me up with 2 gallons of paint, 2 rollers and 2 brushes for free so me and lauren can paint the room saturday, im moving up a lot on saturday...including my new tv....which is gonna be weird playing GoW on a 20" SDTV after playing drunkin filled nights on my glorious 32" HDTV but i guess i can deal for a week.
i move up either the 11th or 12th and hopefully ill be having a bed to sleep on and not kennys futon (which im completely gracious of btw). im really looking forward to A a full size bed so me and lauren can roll around on and B the week before school that im taking off to do nothing but set up my new room, play video games and drink..oh and i guess hang out with lauren during the night after she finishes her work.

on another completely different subject: why are podcasts only published on tuesdays?

p.s. started a new book...iWoz so far so good

into HD

i bought my HDTV last came friday..its AMAZING
guitar hero 2 is a lot of fun on it (even thou there was a minor hiccup because i guess the tv sets itself to surround sound and me being without the surround sound it didnt sound right but i figured it out)
the TV can do 1080p so its full on HD glory for Gears of WAR which is just ridiculous on the tv.
its a 32" Vizio LCD flat screen, flat panel HDTV
my dad confiscated it friday night and i wasnt allowed to use it till sunday night (he wanted to see how it would look downstairs)

in other news my dad got a boat on the lake so we went boating sunday with jack, sam and jay along with my dads friend rob and his lil girl. its a lot of fun, the boat gets up to 45mph which isnt much but its ceritanily fast for lake mahopac. idk how but my dad got the boat and the dock where it goes for free...intresting enough thou...the boat is called "nothing's free" and it stood by its name because even before he was able to use my dad and rob had to spend a grand fixing it hahaha

i agree with sicko

i fully agree with sicko...the new movie out by Moore about the american health care system...its great i would push for anyone to see it.
1 queston thou: if france has gov employes do their laundry under their socialized health care where the fuck do they get off calling the USA lazy???